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  1. I got married 5 years ago today!
  2. We had a destination wedding at a vineyard near San Diego.
    It's called Orfila Vineyard and Winery and the wine is amazing and the views are even better.
  3. About 25 people were there.
    I will have to resist the urge to quote this episode for the entirety of this list.
  4. I was so young! I was 23!
    This is me arriving at the "altar". We got married outside in the blazing Southern California heat. ©2011 Resolusean
  5. We are way less glamorous than this photo would imply.
    © 2011 Resolusean
  6. Probably the best picture of us that's ever been taken.
    © 2011 Resolusean
  7. Look how excited we are for cake! I hadn't had sugar in weeks and that cake was the most delicious thing in the world.
    Also, the cake was like basically frozen and so difficult to cut through. They don't tell you these things and when everyone's watching, it's so awkward. © 2011 Resolusean
  8. At least we make each other laugh!
    © 2011 Resolusean
  9. After the wedding, we went to Hawaii, where we went horseback riding...
  10. And went on a helicopter!
    Literally the coolest thing. You may be wondering if I am 5 feet tall based on how short I look... Oh no. He's 6'4".
  11. Tonight we celebrate! I am not the easiest person to live with, but he still continues to choose me, time and time again. Here's to 50 more!
    © 2011 Resolusean