1. Khloe
    Obviously the best one. Hilarious, smart, the only one who cares about Rob, clearly loves very fiercely. The voice of reason. Gorgeous. My fave!
  2. North
    So effing cute! I love her little black tutus and her whole style and that little face. Not in love with her name but that's not her fault. 10/10 would babysit.
  3. Kanye
    Look, I was mad at him for a really long time about the Taylor Swift thing but I've let it go. I honestly really like him.
  4. Scott
    Oh Scott. Where do I start with you? Sometimes you are human garbage and sometimes you seem like a real human being with a heart (for evidence, watch the scene where Kim tells him she's pregnant with North). I have no doubt he loves his kids but he does act like a complete dick sometimes. Yet I still root for him and Kourt?
  5. Kris
    A controversial one, but definitely is like that cool aunt that you drink wine and talk about sex with. Plays favorites, but genuinely loves her kids. A genius at momaging.
  6. Kourtney
    Her monotone and vocal fry give me life. I think she's a great mom and probably the only one who still cares about the Dash stores. She's so little and so sassy. Love it.
  7. Kimberly
    Seems like a fun girl to hang with, would give great style advice, follows her heart, shrewd businesswoman. I love how she was honest about her non-love for pregnancy. However, does not seem to understand or have empathy for mental illness and that's problematic.
  8. Robert
    Love him. Want good things for him. Can relate to him a lot, actually. Hope he's okay. Always seemed like a funny, good-hearted young man.
  9. Caitlyn
    Happy for her and her happiness! She still has a lot to learn, it seems. But I do think she is very brave.
  10. Kendall
    Gorgeous. Seems sweet and much more down to earth than her little sister.
  11. Saint
    Probably cute just like his sister. Certain to have great style with Ye as his dad.
  12. Mason
    Was the cutest little baby and toddler but hasn't done anything noteworthy recently. Boring.
  13. Reign
    Despite his lame name he is actually so cute but he's suffering from 3rd child disadvantage in that nobody is really that impressed (I'm the 3rd kid in my family so I experienced this firsthand).
  14. Penelope
    Always been pretty boring. Takes ballet with North but probably not as good at it.
  15. Brandon and Leah
    Lumping them together because they're so cute and seem like great people and parents. Brandon is my favorite of the Jenner offspring that came before Kris.
  16. Brody
    Was mean to Lauren Conrad back in like 2007 and for this I cannot forgive him, even though I understand that it was probably scripted. Hot, though. Very hot.
  17. Other miscellaneous Jenner offspring
    Burt? Casey? Eh. Probably not assholes.
  18. Kylie
    Do less, Kylie. Do so much less.
  19. Honorary mention: Corey Gamble
    Seems like a nice guy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯