Inspired by @seyi ☺️
  1. First name
    I was named after my paternal grandmother. The story goes that my parents had a boy name picked out for me, then I showed up and I was a girl and they were like "oh well shit". So my dad suggested Sarah and my mom rolled with it. I like my first name a lot.
  2. Middle name
    My brother was almost 7 when I was born. He suggested my middle name and my parents liked it! Apparently by the third kid, they'd gotten pretty laid back about the baby-naming process. This is the name I would give at bars in college when creepy guys were bothering me.
  3. Unmarried last name
    It's Irish. I used to get teased for this name (for the actual word that it is), but I then grew to love it and miss it sometimes. My friends still call me this.
  4. Married last name
    It's… Welsh, I think? People always mispronounce it, then when I correct them they feel stupid because it's so easy and they were overthinking it.
  5. Nicknames
    Aside from my unmarried last name, my dad has always called me "Saesheen" which is like an Irish-ization endearment version of my first name. That's the only one that's ever really stuck, but I like it.