Inspired by @drugs list about him being a babe. Which he still is.
  1. For background, I should share that my mom is a Bon Jovi super fan.
    Like, has traveled internationally to see them play. Huge fan ever since they first became famous in the 80s.
  2. So my mom, in her mysterious ways, procures front row tickets to their show in Chicago back in October 2013.
    Front row is pretty standard for her.
  3. And lo and behold, she decides to take her youngest daughter (me!) as her date.
  4. I've been front row at club shows, but never a huge event at the United Center so this is pretty exciting!
  5. So anyway, we're literally right in front of Jon the entire time.
  6. And Jon Bon Jovi chooses me, of all people, to lock eyes with.
  7. Not just once. SEVERAL times.
  8. Do you know how flustered you get when you're 26 years old and THIS MAN is stage-flirting with you?
    (It didn't look exactly like this, but you get the point.)
  9. The answer is VERY. Like damn Jon, I'm here with my mom!
  10. It was a really fun concert and I still haven't fully recovered from Jon.
  11. The end ❤️🎤