1. A bottle of wine, once opened
    Problematic to say the least since I have no alcohol tolerance.
  2. A pint of ice cream, once opened
    Even more problematic.
  3. Any kind of skincare product
    I refuse to be the person with half-empty containers of face creams and cleansers. Even if I don't like it I power through.
  4. Cups of coffee
    It doesn't matter if it's hours old and has gone cold, I need my caffeine.
  5. The boring-ass salad I had for lunch
    I paid for it, so I ate it.
  6. Songs on the radio
    It just feels rude to interrupt it partway through.
  7. My list about spinoff shows I would totally watch
    It only has a few things on it and it's in my drafts and I just feel like I have untapped potential for this list and can't post it yet.
  8. Grey's Anatomy until it goes off the air
    This show is so boring to me lately but I feel like I've given so much time and watched too many people die to just stop. I hope this is the last season though? It's seriously so boring now.
  9. This list
    This list taught me that I am pretty good at giving up on things.