1. Our signature food is extravagant.
    Deep dish pizza is out of control. We mix two flavors of popcorn together and pile a ton of crap on our hot dogs and it is all really intense and delicious.
  2. We know what we are doing when it comes to pizza.
    I once had pizza in California and it was awful but this city fucking owns pizza. Deep dish, thin crust, it's all actually really good.
  3. The lakefront
    Cliche, I know. But you can't deny it.
  4. Snowy beaches
    There is something really cool and dystopian about the snow on the lake shore in winter. It is the only cool thing about winter.
  5. People are proud to live here.
    Even in the suburbs, people are like "yassss I live in Chicago" even when it's like a 50 minute train ride away.
  6. The CTA sucks.
    No, it's terrible, but people bond over this. In any downtown office building you will hear co-workers making small talk about what a pain in the ass it is.
  7. It's not as expensive as other great cities.
    I definitely WAY overpaid for a one-bedroom in lakeview when I was 22, but it's not like NYC or San Francisco.
  8. The Blackhawks
    This city's pride and joy.
  9. That first warm day of spring.
    Not that it happens before late April, but omg what a day.