it will be nice to not have this stored in the Notes app on my phone!
  1. Parenthood
    I have been meaning to start this for ages but I am worried that Friday Night Lights set the bar too high. But I hear such great things.
  2. Masterchef Jr.
    I mean I love Masterchef for grown ups and I hear this is fantastic.
  3. West Wing
    Doesn't it get bad like halfway through though?
  4. Louie
    I'm not sure why but it's been on my list for a long time.
  5. Veep
    JLD is a national treasure.
  6. Inside Amy Schumer
    I'm surprised I don't already watch this!
  7. Veronica Mars
    This has like a cult following and stuff like that is usually secretly amazing.
  8. Chicago PD
    It takes place in Chicago which is probably my main motivation.
  9. How To Get Away With Murder
  10. The Wire
    Has a reputation for "greatest show ever" and I think it will probably be next.