I had a lot of dreams…
  1. Dog trainer
    I have loved dogs since my very early childhood and as a little kid I thought teaching puppies to sit and stay was the dream. I still kind of do.
  2. Whale trainer
    So my sister wanted to be a dolphin trainer, like the girl feeding them the fish at disneyworld, and in an effort to copy her without really copying this is what I wanted.
  3. Comedian
    I am still obsessed with Seinfeld but when I was like 10, I thought we would get married and live a comedic life together.
  4. Professional Equestrian
    The underlying theme of this list is "I love animals". I was pretty good at horseback riding but not ever good enough for a career at it.
  5. Writer
    I would still like to make this happen.
  6. Teacher
    High school and like, freshman year of college I thought I'd want this. And I like kids, but only in low-key settings like family gatherings and day camp. No accountability please.
  7. Veterinarian
    Overlapping with writer and teacher, I once again wanted to orchestrate a career around spending time with puppies. I then remembered that I cannot science.
  8. Perpetual college student
    I absolutely did NOT want to graduate.