5 Photos on My Phone, Chosen at Random

Gotta start somewhere
  1. I don't even watch Teen Wolf but this is a good reaction pic. Does anyone even use reaction pics anymore or is it memes only now? Whatever.
  2. Ah, my book project. I was especially proud of this page. Apparently my teacher was too; she confessed to taking a picture of it herself.
    What is the use of this function I'm confused
  3. Johnny Flynn, front row in Allston last summer! You should look him up if you like folk music and intricate lyrics. Fun fact: I was close enough to smell him, and he smelled like falling in love. Great show.
  4. In Your Ear record store in Cambridge, ft. my cousin. I love her jacket and record stores, despite not owning a record player.
  5. The Brattle Street Bookstore in Boston... just a nice tour of the Boston area in these pics I guess. A lovely lil spot for book lovers.