The title of the memoirs is "Enemies of the Hair Beware"
  1. Cherishing Parmesan
    I cherish my cheese. This is the food chapter.
  2. I'm So Excited to Eat
    The second food chapter
  3. Reality is an Illusion
    It is
  4. Mama's Revenge
    This doesn't belong here but I walked by a taqueria the other day and thought it was the best restaurant name I'd ever heard
  5. Slow Meth
    My friend said this once when making fun of stoners (she's also a stoner so it's okay). "This strain is kind of like.... it's like a slow... meth."
  6. Cause without a Rebel
    I care but not enough to break rules
  7. Manic Summer
    Idek it's a cool phrase
  8. Almagest
    It's a book of ancient astronomy, but it comes from Aramaic meaning "the greatest ever," which I am. Alternatively, my rap name, if X-cessive Pupil (Wu-Tang name generator) should bore me
  9. Naps with Magic
    This might conjure up images of enchanted sleep, but I'm actually referring to Magic Mike, and my desire to sleep as well as be with him. Best of both worlds.