1. 😎
    A classic. Cool, aloof, happy but not obnoxious about it, classier than a 😏 but can be used in similar contexts. The emoji I use to describe myself because I am constantly in sunglasses.
  2. 💃🏻
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    I was this emoji for Halloween last year! Inside, I am 💃🏻
  3. 🗿
    Bizarre, yet representative of a nameless emotion I feel often
  4. 👀
    This means SO much. The eyes say it all.
  5. 👽
    Aliens, man. The truth is out there.
  6. 🆒
    A sarcastic version of 😎, useful in many situations.
  7. 🍾
    NEW EMOJIS, BITCH. "Champagne is the only alcohol I drink, coss life is always a celebration" -Viner Nino Gray
  8. As a creature of the night, this is a personal favorite.
  9. 🦄
    As a kid, I had a unicorn named Shiela who would sometimes leave me presents. Unicorns mean a lot to me :)
  10. ❤️
    I had to. ❤️❤️❤️