Don't worry, I don't think I'm that special. I do, however, seem to be in the minority on occasion.
  1. Winter
    I truly believe I have seasonal affective disorder except reverse because I hate sunlight and hot weather.
  2. Public speaking
    My version of an adrenaline rush because I'm scared of literally everything. I considered a masters in public speaking but I hate school a lot
  3. Daytime television
    If it's bad, I like it
  4. Spiders
    Ok I don't like them but they are better than a lot of other bugs I've dealt with in my life
  5. Warm milk
    It brings out the flavor.
  6. Overcast, gray days
    Not having to squint in the sunlight brings me great pleasure
  7. Ironing
    Perhaps because I only partake approximately 2 times a year
  8. Suburbs!
    I very much enjoy living in the 'burbs despite probably being the only under 30 in town.
  9. Assembling IKEA furniture!
    Truly a great pleasure in life. I love putting shit together and accomplishing IKEA furniture gives me a (dumb and petty) sense of superiority over others who find it challenging.
  10. Will Smith movies
    You say they're all the same. I say I know, that's why I like them