Twelve pics off my camera roll

Because a person's got to start somewhere... (And no, I'm not going to pretend that they're random)
  1. I bought it off eBay 'cause it was way I'm trying to fix it, via screenshots and Chinese tech support - who messages me every night at about 3 am to tell me I'm still doing it wrong...
  2. There's a vintage thrift shop a block from my house with this painted on the side. It reminds me of a poem I need to write...
  3. Took this picture of all my middle-of-the-night ideas for a speech I'm writing to show my students one way to brainstorm their ideas...
  4. 'Cause I'm always forgetting what color matches my legs in mid-May
  5. My wonderful son at his first caucus - voting for Bernie of course
  6. View out my bedroom window this winter. It was way prettier in real life
  7. For some reason I really thought this information was going to come in handy during the last session at a conference. Oh, now I remember, my boss was sitting next to me...
  8. My mother gave me the starter for this iris from her garden.
  9. Mother's Day card from my daughter
  10. Because I keep forgetting what kind of deodorant she wants
  11. Why did that thing from China come with these fuses? I can't seem to get an answer on that one.
  12. I needed some Reddit karma real quick so I could participate in a subreddit that I discovered that had a karma minimum (which is dumb) and this pic of my cat worked like a charm.