Allow Me to Listroduce Myself

I'm 19 years old who loves music, art, nature and her friends and family.
  1. I'm Mexican
    I live in Mexico in a country called Merida, I feel proud to say that I'm doing things to make my country a better place.
  2. I'm studying a degree in language teaching.
    Even when it can be really stressful, I want to be part of a change someday.
  3. I like blue and green.
    Nature colors bring me peace.
  4. I can speak Spanish, English and Mayan.
    And soon, I'll be studying French
  5. I hate clowns.
    I don't like clowns at all.
  6. I love puppies.
    Dogs make me really happy, even if they're not mine ✌🏽️
  7. I like to travel.
    I'm thankful because I've visited many places where I've found peace for myself
  8. I'm a friendly person.
    Even when I don't look like, I like making friends👯
  9. I'm a kind of musician...
    I play the piano but it's something that I only do for me; I'm a contralto singer and I'm really proud of my voice.
  10. Against bullying.
    I was bullied in high school so I know what kind of hell is that. People must stop bullying.