1. 😭
    I'm really stressed right now and I want to cry bc I feel stressed and I don't sleep as much as I want to, and I have a lot of homework to do 😭.
  2. 🤔
    Most of time I feel confused, or I use this emoji to don't sound mean with negative comments.
  3. 👽
    I've been using this emoji recently? Idk why 👽
  4. 🐷
    I'm so stressed that I've been eating lots of things that I usually don't, and that pig emoji is cute 🐷
  5. 🐶
    I always use this emoji when I talk about my dog, that's very often.
  6. 💙
    Always send the blue-hearted emoji bc blue is my fav color, it reminds me the sea.
  7. 🎂
    Almost all of my friends are having their birthdays lately 🎉🎊