Does anyone else experience soul-crushing, begetting-hunger choice paralysis at the terminal?
  1. You want something quick but won't eat fast food. (Only exception is _________.)
    It's not that you're above fast food per se. It's just that it's even less appetizing when you're traveling. Plus y'know it's going to be almost as expensive as the sit down food options.
  2. Every concession makes claims like, "Fresh" and "Tasty".
    Chances are the food is neither.
  3. Well, maybe you can sit down at a bar. Unfortunately, it's too crowded with people and bags.
    The plus side here is perhaps the "crowded bar" aids mental preparedness for your overbooked flight.
  4. Your conscience is saying eat a salad but ain't nobody trying to hear that noise.
    You look hard to sniff out when the grab-n-go salads we're actually made.
  5. You start carefully examining each menu pretending to be conducting a graduate level cost-benefit analysis.
  6. The restaurant you think might be the most promising is in another terminal.