Songs I really really liked in 2015
  1. Wesley's Theory - Kendrick Lamar, George Clinton
    This is the thesis of TPAB, the best album of the year.
  2. Don't Mean a Thing - Lapalux
    It's just an absolutely mesmerizing tune.
  3. Tell Your Friends - The Weeknd
    Because we miss Kanye beats like this.
  4. All That - Carly Rae Jepsen
    All That = baby making music.
  5. Gosh - Jamie xx
    So hype. So hype.
  6. Surf I - Zomby
    This might even be a hyper track than "Gosh."
  7. Crutches, Crosses, Caskets - Pusha T
    This is Jedi Rap shit. No rapper dance. This is 90s era rap and resurgence of Puff Daddy and the Family behind the boards.
  8. Piss On Your Grave - Travis Scott, Kanye West
    Oh, man. So unapologetic yet playful just tiptoeing on the line of going to far.
  9. Smuckers - Tyler the Creator, Kanye West, Lil Wayne
    "Richer than white people with black kids. / Scarier than black people with ideas." Bravo to Tyler for getting the best verses from Wayne and Kanye maybe ever.
  10. Where Are You Now - Jack Ü, Justin Bieber
    Bieber's 'Phoenix' record.
  11. Where the Giants Room/Field of the Nephilim - Thundercat
  12. One Thing - Beach House
    So Beach House in the best way possible of course.
  13. How Much a Dollar Cost - Kendrick Lamar
    This is probably the best storytelling in rap. Like Slick Rick, Scarface, BIG level genius.
  14. Bros - Wolf Alice
    Perfected the Cranberries' sound here.
  15. Merry - Nils Frahm
    The best feeling.
  16. Malcolm's Theme - Kamasi Washington
    Malcolm X's eulogy is perhaps my favorite piece of prose. So to turn it into an almost jazz-like hymnal is simply marvelous.
  17. Sharpness - Jamie Woon
    That boy so smooth.
  18. Common Girl - Beach House
    My bias is probably showing by now. But whatever.
  19. Keep Dealing - Pusha T, Beanie Siegel
    This record and much of what Pusha T is doing centers rap. I held out on this list for this record. Authenticity, people. That's what rap is about for me.
  20. Sandra's Smile - Blood Orange
    Say her name. (Another eulogy)