Because I had to.
  1. Return of the Jedi, Epi VI
    Ewoks. Speeders.
  2. Empire Strikes Back, Epi V
    They freeze Han. Luke learns the force. Battle of Hoth with ATAT Walkers versus the Rogue Squadrons' harpoons and hook cables.
  3. Force Awakens, Epi VII
    Abrams "out-Lucas'd" Lucas.
  4. Attack of the Clones, Epi II
    You really get to see the Jedi kick ass.
  5. A New Hope, Epi III
    You gotta start somewhere.
  6. Revenge of the Sith, Epi II
    Anakin all grown-up and falling in love.
  7. Phantom Menace, Epi I
    Snooze fest. It was a two-hour build up for what was really just the sci-fi equivalent of a NASCAR race.