In no particular order....
  1. Heathers
    Just crazy dark and funny.
  2. Thelma & Louise
    So many quotable moments. And a young Brad Pitt, before he got all domesticated.
  3. Drop Dead Gorgeous
    I still can't hear anyone introduce themselves as Amber without mentally adding "where's my smokes?" in Ellen Barkin's flat Minnesota twang. Really funny.
  4. Fight Club
    There's some pretty awesome jokes in here and it's just so twisted.
  5. Any Adam Sandler comedy
    I know critics hate him, but he always makes me laugh.
  6. Knocked Up
    The relationships between all of the stoner guy friends and how they talk to each other is just perfect.
  7. Blazing Saddles
    So wrong, yet so right.
  8. most Wes Anderson movies
    There's always something I have not noticed before going on in the edges of any scene.