Inventory has been reduced, but those that made the cut and are now folded into tight little packets and displayed sideways are....
  1. 1 Smart Girls At The Party tank
    Amy Poehler is one of my favorite actors ever.
  2. 1 Moorpark College Raiders Football circa 1998
    Back when they used to borrow the Oakland Raiders' logo, before the Al Davis Cease and Desist order
  3. 1 Dallas Cowboys / Troy Aikman Hall of Fame with cut out neck and rolled sleeves
    My favorite player ever.
  4. 3 California shirts with the Bear from the state flag
    Yeah, over 10 years in CO and I'm still representing for the 805 :)
  5. 1 homemade Foo Fighters v neck shirt
    Made the whole family one for last years' show (my kids' first concert)
  6. 1 Alabama Roll Tide shirt
    It's red and I love to wear it when shopping for "feminine products".
  7. 1 Aggie Orange CSU Rams shirt
    Used to wear it for Jeans Friday at work until management crackdown demanded collared polo shirts and I stopped wearing jeans on Fridays. I hate polo shirts.
  8. One short sleeved sweatshirt with an old school typewriter screen printed on front
    Just cuz it's fun.