Old Fart Back In The Day List
  1. *69
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    If you missed a call, just pick up and dial *69 to call them back. Oh, and you didn't know if it was friend, foe, or bill collector; you just had to roll the dice and take your chances. Also got the chance to think on your feet and wiggle your way out of calls you really didn't mean to return. Took more finesse and was much more fun than looking down at your iphone and ignoring that pesky mom who always wants to set up a play date even though your kid can't stand her kid. And I had this phone.
  2. Pen pals
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    I spent years corresponding with a girl in England when I was a kid. I loved getting those thin blue airmail envelopes and seeing their crazy stamps.
  3. Danger Games
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    Rode bikes barefoot/no helmets, jumped off roof of treehouse onto bean bag, swung on tree ropes over embankment, played tennis in the street and went to the park. Not an adult in sight, no sunscreen, no water bottles or snacks; be home when the streetlights come on.