I'm still working on what I want to be before it's time to retire!
  1. Tightrope walker/trapeze artists
    And as an adult, I'm afraid of heights. Go figure.
  2. "Beauty Lady"
    This had to do with my hairdresser aunt. She always seemed very glamorous with her perfect hair and make up. I never did learn how to put on eyeliner properly, and now I'm too old to wear it.
  3. Mom
    I did end up with this title, but never in that Hallmark Card kinda way. I've had coworkers express surprise that I had children, because I "didn't seem very maternal", whatever that means.
  4. Doctor
    I was obsessed with this one for a couple of years. I memorized the first aid section of the Girl Scout handbook and had a backpack filled with rolled bandages that I used to carry around just in case someone had an emergency and I could jump in and save the day. Turns out I sucked at science, so I finally shelved this one. My little brother became a doc so now I live vicariously by pestering him for weird patient stories.
  5. Librarian
    Love the library, love books. Librarians always seemed slightly disgruntled, so figured the fantasy of reading all the books was probably better than reality of chasing down overdue books and shooing vagrants out of the restrooms.
  6. Business woman
    For what industry? That did not matter. All I wanted was to wear power suits and go to meetings. Turns out I look like a linebacker in shoulder pads and I'm not cutthroat enough to claw my way to middle-management
  7. Surfer Girl
    This started with Lori Petty's character in Point Break....chicks who surf have really awesome looking arms and shoulders. I was always a wuss about the cold water and not a strong enough swimmer to ever be fully comfortable and confident enough not to drown.