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  1. Kodaline
    Most of their songs make me weep unceasingly. They take my heart out of my chest, shatter it into a million pieces, pick up each piece and reassemble it with care, stick my heart back in my chest, hardly beating but somehow better off for being broken.
  2. George Ezra
    The modern office building's are chasing the sun and the wind is racing after the day And everybody's chasing a beauty they don't have and I'm, woah I'm, I'm chasing you. *Heart - 0 Ezra - 1*
  3. James Bay
    "You're all I want, so bring me the dawn." Chaos and the Calm is an album that, without a doubt, has not one flaw. Except maybe that it wasn't dedicated to me.
That obviously happen to me 24/7
  1. The "Handshake/Hug"
    *puts hand out to shake hands* while other person holds out arms for a hug then sees your hand and holds out their own but meanwhile *sees arms and switches to hug* (awkward half hug happens while other person still has their hand out)
  2. The High Five Handhold
    *Sees hand out for high five* *goes to high five* *second guess self and starts to lower hand to shake* *meet in the middle with awkward high five handhold hug*
  3. The Jinx
    "Hello!" "Hello!" "How are you?" "How are you?" "Good!" "Good!" *laughs awkwardly and runs away*
  4. The Double "How are you?"
    Goes through greeting and "How are you's." *gets easily distracted while answering* and asks "How are you?" again to the same person. Two things can now happen: 1. playfully facepalm and joke it off. 2. Don't skip a beat and pretend youdon't notice your repetition then immediately walk off in an awkward bubble of shame.
Hello my name is Corina and I am addicted to plants.
  1. Plants make the best friends.
    Plants care about your problems. They're great listeners and there are no awkward silences. A Plant Lady knows that a friendship with plants must be cultivated and that it takes time and effort, but the reward is a million times better than the work is difficult.
  2. Plants are role models.
    See me over here? Growing? Taking in the sunshine? Enjoying life? Blooming where I'm planted? Digging my roots down deep and thriving in my environment? Yeah, watch me. Learn.
  3. Plants literally make your life 100% better.
    Wake up and smell the flowers, water the ivy, Instagram the succulents, squeal with pleasure when a new bud sprouts, a flower blooms, a leaf uncurls.
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  1. Young Journey - Moon Taxi
    This song is waking up in a cozy, unfamiliar place. A song that beckons adventure with every chord. This song is a bonfire and blankets and young love and every single lovely emotion wrapped into one. This song is the realization that adventure is out there, that you are on your way to fulfilling your dream to experience things afar, to adventure the heck out of life and never take a single moment for granted.
  2. Search Party - Sam Bruno
    This song is sneaking out and road tripping at midnight. This song is standing on the edge of the Eiffel Tower with the wind blowing in your hair and the city lights sparkling beneath you. This song is a race. A race to adventure, a race to make as many memories as possible. A race to visit every place you have ever dreamed of. A race to live life full of determination to make the most of every single day, every hour, every minute.
  3. Need the Sun to Break - James Bay
    This song is hiking before dawn because you just know the view will be worth the lack of sleep and the steep climb up the mountain. As you finally reach the look out point and take the last few steps to behold the incredible view, the beginning rays of sunlight peek over the miles and miles of trees and oh yes, James Bay is killing the soundtrack of your life at this moment.
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  1. If Dave Ramsey was looking through my life right now he would cringe.
    I'm sorry I splurged and bought that adorable dining room rug Dave. I'm picking up extra hours at work today just for you.
  2. Do people really just think call center employees have no souls?
    I mean really. RUDE. I wonder how much more ticked this man would be if he knew that I was painting my nails while he was yelling to me about my problems.
  3. OMG it's 7:15 pm and I haven't listed to Justin Bieber all day.
    *puts "Sorry" on repeat for the rest of the day*
  4. Work that red suit Barry Allen. ⚡️
    If The Flash were in fact not a fictional character, I would wife him so fast. (No pun intended)