That obviously happen to me 24/7
  1. The "Handshake/Hug"
    *puts hand out to shake hands* while other person holds out arms for a hug then sees your hand and holds out their own but meanwhile *sees arms and switches to hug* (awkward half hug happens while other person still has their hand out)
  2. The High Five Handhold
    *Sees hand out for high five* *goes to high five* *second guess self and starts to lower hand to shake* *meet in the middle with awkward high five handhold hug*
  3. The Jinx
    "Hello!" "Hello!" "How are you?" "How are you?" "Good!" "Good!" *laughs awkwardly and runs away*
  4. The Double "How are you?"
    Goes through greeting and "How are you's." *gets easily distracted while answering* and asks "How are you?" again to the same person. Two things can now happen: 1. playfully facepalm and joke it off. 2. Don't skip a beat and pretend youdon't notice your repetition then immediately walk off in an awkward bubble of shame.