This is a step by step guide for how-to. The beauty of this system is that you don't have to follow these steps in order. Just do the steps and you'll be doing it! Yes! YES!!!!!!
  1. Cruise right along!
    Oh yeah now you're cooking with gas! Hell yeah baby!!!!!
  2. Keep up the good work!
    You gotta be kidding me! Get a load this guy! In this economy?
  3. Get started baby!
    Nothing quite like gettin' started! Woooooo!
  4. Fail!
    Yeah!!!!! You really gone and done it this time! What a disaster! Yeahhhhhh baby woooooo!
  5. Hustle!
    You GOT to hustle!
  6. Sell! Or Buy!
    Conduct a little commerce baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Spice things up!
    Uh Oh! Danger Zone!!!!!!!! Yeahhhhh is it getting hot in here or did somebody just spice things up a notch whooooohoooooooo yeaaaahhhhhh babyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Be careful for god's sake!
    Don't touch that! Are you out of your mind?
  9. Call your Dad!
    Are you proud of me Dad? I want you to like what I did. I only did this for your approval. I love you so much Dad. Just pick up the phone. Dad? Dad?