1. The 4th slice
  2. The 9th slice
  3. The 12th slice
    Controversial pick since this is many people's favorite slice but it is overrated unfortunately
  4. The 2nd slice
  5. The bottom slice
  6. The 8th slice
  7. The 15th slice
  8. The 3rd slice
  9. The 10th slice
    I KNOW! Don't crucify me in the comments!!!!
  10. The 6th slice
  11. The top slice
  12. The 11th slice
  13. The 14th slice
  14. The 13th slice
  15. The 7th slice
  16. The 5th slice
    This is the devil's own slice and should be discarded before any other slice is consumed. I hate this slice with my life