1. Almost all perfumes/colognes/ deodorants
  2. Baby powder
  3. Disgusting rotting animal corpses
  4. Most scented candles
    The worst offender was some kind of pine/cranberry/I-want-to-say-ham abomination my mother used to trot out every Christmas. Somehow - I presume via the Magic of Christmas™ -that thing lasted for like 12 Christmases. Gross.
  5. Coconut
    Specifically that manufactured smell of tropical-ness that many companies are so fond of. Suntan lotion. Yuck.
  6. Baby wipes
  7. Subway (the sandwich shop)
    I am conflicted about this because I might actually love this smell, but it is an objectively awful smell, at least in terms of things I plan on consuming. It's industrial. I think I like it in the way I like the smell of gasoline or the feeling of pressing on a bruise.
  8. Fresh flowers
    Barf me.