Just a few beautiful sunsets that stand out in my memory from my 33 years on this crazy blue marble
  1. 5/29/99
    A late spring sunset on the eve of my birthday; I remember beautiful blues and pinks, just a lovely memorable sunset
  2. 10/31/97
    Fall sunsets in western Pennsylvania -where I live - are particularly beautiful and this Halloween sunset was no exception. I remember stunning dark reds and oranges lighting up the sky as my friends and I went house to house in our homemade costumes, maybe a year or two too old to be trick or treating but holding on just a little bit longer. A night to remember in more ways than one.
  3. 1/26/07
    The last sunset before they came.
  4. 3/9/10
    Everyone will certainly remember this one - our first glimpse of what we thought was the sun through the black clouds since they arrived. Of course now we know it wasn't the sun at all but just another of their horrible machines, glowing with an unearthly hue, arriving with more of their seemingly never-ending supply of horror and sorrow. But at the time it seemed like a beautiful sunset. Lots of blue, if I remember correctly.
  5. 12/24/03
    Usually winter sunsets are not particularly memorable but this one, on Christmas eve no less, always sticks out in my mind. A beautiful sunset.
  6. 9/3/13
    The sun is a distant memory. Warmth is a fairy tale, told by the old ones to keep the young from coming apart like a pair of old pants. Pants... I... I remember pants. I remember being warm. I remember my father...
  7. 7/11/01
    Lotta pink in this bad boy.