1. Forgot to do an important thing at work until 7 minutes before I had to leave
  2. Realized a lot of podcasts were piling up in my queue and not sure when or how I will be able to listen to them all
  3. Think I somehow gained weight
  4. Have to administer workplace discipline
  5. Signed up for an app where I have to come up with clever lists
  6. Had infinity dollars less than I needed
  7. Rode a bus across a high up bridge
  8. ETA: Thought maybe I was posting too many lists on her
  9. ET(also)A: Thought this list came across as too depressing which I didn't mean it to be and a nice man named Chris commented on it and I thought maybe he thought I was in worse shape than I am and that gave me a little bit of anxiety too but really it was a manageable amount I am generally a happy person but I struggle with anxiety.
  10. Shit, and this is being completely honest, I am feeling some anxiety about whether I've over shared here. OK I LOVE YOU SOCIAL MEDIA