1. This. The year was 2000. Y2K panic ensues, and I meet Britney Spears. Note tube top, drawstring cargo pants.
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  2. This. Christmas '14. When my dad found out I made him pay $120 and stand in lines (mostly the lines, he hated the lines) just so I could send this out saying "Merry T-ReXMas" I thought that maybe for the holidays this year, I'd get... murdered.
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  3. This. The blackout next-day find. Not. My. Hand.
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  4. This. My best friend's baby. I aim to never make one for myself so I'll probably borrow this one (forever) when she can form sentences and wipe her own butt.
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  5. This. I was recently thisclose to David Byrne. Still really understanding my emotions about that night.
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