There were so many to choose from thx to Get Happy!!
  1. Girls Talk
    His version wasn't the big hit (Dave Edmunds got that honor), but he wrote it and it's great.
  2. Hoover Factory
    A taste in the 70s of where he would go in later years.
  3. Welcome to the Working Week
    First song on his first album. This would take 1st place on Elvis Costello songs under 90 seconds.
  4. The Imposter
    Most bass notes in under two minutes award.
  5. Talking in the Dark
    Baroque, Beatles-y oh so British pop.
  6. Love for Tender
    Descending bass lines for those pressed for time.
  7. Beaten To the Punch
    Worth it just for the way he screams the line at the end.
  8. Black and White World
    Pretty sophisticated ditty given its length
  9. Mystery Dance
    You know it, you love it.
  10. Clean Money
    I believe this was an attempt to do a Cheap Trick style song (it's mentioned in his memoir). Rocks pretty hard.