Yup, I am a grown man who plays games on my phone. Not including Words with Friends or NYTs Crossroads as they've been out for years.
  1. Sage Solitaire
    Some mad genius combined poker and Solitaire and now I'm addicted.
  2. Capitals
    Some mad genius combined Scrabble abd Risk and now I'm addicted.
  3. You Must Build a Boat
    Some mad genius combined Bejeweled with Dungeon and Dragons and it's awesome.
  4. Storm Casters Ultra
    This is a really fun dungeon crawler with a card system filled with a variety of weapons. Far simpler than games like Baldur's Gate but maybe that's why it works so well on iOS.
  5. Geometry Wars
    A man needs a good shoot em up for when the mood strikes and this one has great variety and cool retro graphics reminiscent of Tempest.
  6. Addams Family Pinball
    I've saved the best for last. If you are old enough to remember pinball, Addams Family was the number one selling one of all time. I fed it a lot of quarters at my local 7-11 back in the day. After years of licensing issues, it finally made its way to phones and iPads this year and it's still just as fun. How can you pass up a game with Raul Julia? THE MAMUSHKA!