Better a few weeks after the New Year then never, right??
  1. Won a TMZ Tour t-shirt by correctly guessing Mary-Kate Olsen in a game of Celebrity or Homeless Person
  2. Left my job at the paper, started a part-time job as an ophthalmic assistant, then got a full-time position at a different clinic
  3. Bought myself an iPad
  4. Visited Gatlinburg, Austin, and LA
  5. Went to a Charlotte Hornets game
  6. Tried eHarmony and went on a few dates (nothing ever worked out, but that's okay!)
  7. Saw Dirty Dancing onstage
  8. Saw Kesha and Shania Twain live
  9. Went on a haunted trail for the first time
  10. Made it on one of Anna Kendrick's Instagram compilations
  11. Played Cards Against Humanity for the first time. AND WON.
  12. Bought a bikini (now to look good in it 😬)
  13. Became more confident and comfortable in my own skin