Really fun random facts!! Favorite!!
  1. I love Candy Crush.
    I am like at level 500. Been playing since it first came out and the addiction is still going strong. Yes I have bought boosters in the game in order to beat a level. I'm not proud of it but there it is.
  2. I love how Target groups the items on your receipt by category.
    Organization 💯
  3. I hate ketchup, bananas, and mayonnaise.
    Basically the only condiment I like is ranch. I put it on my Subway subs because it is amazing.
  4. I want an Akon/Flo Rida/Pitbull concert to become a reality.
    Seriously though, would that not be one of THE most fun concerts you've ever been to?!
  5. I have a Loki keychain hanging on my rearview mirror and Daenerys Targaryen on my keys.
    Beyond the obvious (I'm a dork), what else does that say about me? Not sure.
  6. I turn into a very loud, violent person when watching football.
    I love football. I get very passionate about it, especially when it's Clemson playing.
  7. I laugh at EVERYTHING. From Monty Python to Pride & Prejudice to Olan Rogers to Bon Qui Qui to Bridesmaids to Madagascar to John Mulaney and everything in between.
    Laughing is my favorite.
  8. Cheap industrial junk food is my favorite. I love Rice Krispie Treats, Oatmeal Creme Pies, Lofthouse sugar cookies, and Oreos more than I love most homemade desserts.
    Also fries. I love fries more than most desserts.
  9. Proud Hufflepuff even though Pottermore told me Gryffindor. I just...feel like I fit more with Hufflepuff so that's what I choose. AND AFTER ALL IT IS OUR CHOICES THAT...okay I'll stop now
  10. I took like seven different Game of Thrones house quizzes and got Tully on most of them so I am also House Tully. FAMILY DUTY HONOR Y'ALL. FEAR ME AND MY TROUT FLAG. 🐟