Besides wondering how to get to London to see "Cursed Child"...
  1. Fantastic Beasts
    Like for real guys I am SO EXCITED. Only problem: not gonna use "No-Maj." I'm sorry, "Muggle" is just the way I was raised.
  2. Harry Potter & the Cursed Child
    I could cry from joy about this but I am also lowkey worried. HOW MUCH MORE TRAUMA CAN HARRY TAKE? I had hoped they could all live happily ever after and frankly I'm concerned about Albus Severus. 😟
  3. FUNKO
    HP Series Round 2 is gonna include Sirius Black so obviously I will have to buy it. 💁🏻
  4. So many people love Harry Potter on this app and it makes me so HAPPY. ⚡️Gonna be using some of those HP list ideas in the future so GET READY.