@ashlee inspired me and then she requested that I do my own list. So here we go! 🙂
  1. I look great in baseball caps. Exhibit A.
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  2. I look really cute when I take pictures with my mouth wide open, like so.
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  3. I love my people. If you're my person, CONGRATS you're stuck with me for life because I am hella loyal.
  4. I get really excited about things that I love, whether it's Harry Potter, GOT, Marvel movies, football, or Dancing With the Stars. I also get super passionate when I talk about organizing.
  5. I have an encyclopedic knowledge of celebrity gossip.
  6. I have a super expressive face and it makes people smile.
  7. I instantly start speaking in some strange foreign cooing language when I see dogs and/or babies. 9 times out of 10 I will also point out said dog/baby to whoever I'm with.
  8. I think I'm funny. And I love it when other people think I'm funny too.
  9. I get freckles on my nose in the summer. I love them.
  10. I still get excited about going to Disney World and I'm almost 24. Disney has my heart.
  11. I cross-stitch. I have made some awesome geeky stuff too. SO FUN.