Mostly related to all my geeky obsessions. You have been warned.
  1. My Loki: A Scrapbook fan art book.
    It is BEAUTIFUL and one of a kind and I love it.
  2. Draw 'Em with the Pointy End: A Game of Thrones fan art collection book.
    Also gorgeous.
  3. Collector's edition of The Tales of Beedle the Bard.
    It's small and leather bound and came with this gorgeous case that looks like a giant book AND illustrations drawn by JKR.
  4. My Funko Pop collection.
  5. My (Jensen) Ackles hoodie, Khaleesi sweatshirt, Weasley's Wizard Wheezes sweatshirt, and Tim Duncan tee.
    So that I can display my love TO ALL THE WORLD.
  6. My set of HP books from the UK.
  7. All the drawings my best friend has done for me over the years.
  8. My Tinker Bell pin collection.
    My mom got me hooked on pin collecting and the rest is history.
  9. My Jack Sparrow bobblehead.
    I still regret not buying the miniature one I found in an antique store several years ago.