I have strange tastes, you guys.
  1. Greg House, MD
    I basically have a thing for Hugh Laurie in general. I think it's the eyes. And House's stubble.
  2. GOB Bluth
    Will Arnett has a sexy voice, okay. Plus he's tall.
  3. Petyr Baelish
    Is it the voice? Is it the facial hair? Is it the perfectly snarky remarks? Whichever it is, I have a major crush on this creepy guy. #noshame
  4. Paul Ryan
    Cutest politician ever. Not sorry.
  5. Casey Affleck
    I don't really have an explanation for this one.
  6. Bobby Cannavale
    I don't know guys. It's probably cause he's tall. And dark. And older. Yeah. That's probably it.
  7. Dean Winters aka "Mayhem"
    Voice. Face. Everything.
  8. Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates
    Based purely on physical looks alone. Obviously there is nothing about that character I find attractive. YIKES.
  9. Eric Church
    I don't even like country music that much but gosh so many cute country artists out there. Especially Eric.
  10. Keegan-Michael Key
    Especially as Mark in Playing House.
  11. Ethan Embry
  12. Captain Von Trapp
    The original hot dad. YES. 🙌🏼
  13. Seneca Crane
    Those eyes and that beard. YES.
  14. Nick Cannon