1. K-Swat
    I believe Jill came up with this at college. It's based on my name, Katherine Swathwood, and it's pretty badass.
  2. Special K
    Like the cereal. My best friend's family (my second family) calls me this.
  3. KK
    My best friend calls me this. She's the only one allowed to do so.
  4. KitKat
    My friend Marissa gave me this one. I might let you call me this if I like you.
  5. Grumpy Cat
    Favorite former coworker Bill (aka Work Dad) named me this. He even bought me a little stuffed Grumpy Cat.
  6. Katerina
    My Aunt Robin gave me this nickname. You're not allowed to call me this unless you are BLOOD KIN.
  7. Kakerine
    Courtesy of my parents. See above.
  8. Kid Katherine
    Given to me in college to distinguish me from Catherine with a C. I was the youngest in our group, hence the "Kid." I wasn't too fond of this one and thankfully it didn't last long.