1. My random thoughts
    There are so many. And since posting 80 gazillion FB statuses is frowned upon, I choose to express my stream of consciousness ramblings on THE TWITTER.
  2. RTs bragging on how awesome my alma mater is at football/everything
    CLEMSON DOMINATION THIS YEAR GUYS. Also our coach is the dang cutest and I will fight anyone who says otherwise.
  3. RTs about the San Antonio Spurs with an emphasis on my boy Tim Duncan
    Favorite since I was like, seven. THE BEAUTIFUL GAME. TIMMY. MY LOVES.
  4. RTs of jokes I find particularly hilarious
    Wide-ranging to say the least. I have a weird sense of humor.
  5. Common White Girl & Sincerely Tumblr RTs
    No shame. Usually have to do with food or fangirl things. 💁🏻
  6. Cute puppy pictures
    Dogs are pure joy.
  7. Rage rants about my obnoxious upstairs neighbors
    The Elephant People, as I like to call them.
  8. Occasional tweets to famous people
    I've actually gotten some responses/likes/RTs so that's exciting (my life is not that interesting okay)