For a Healthier 2016

These are some healthy ideas I'm planning on implementing this New Year. I'll call them ideas, not "resolutions." (Scary!) What else should I add?
  1. Swap out nightly glass of wine for herbal tea🍷☕️
  2. More veggies. Really. 🌶🍅🍆
    I like them, I just don't make myself eat them unless I'm "dieting." (Another frightful word like "resolutions") So now, I will train myself to eat more veggies. Period.
  3. Commit to a fitness class at a gym🏋🏼
    I truly think this is key. Of the friends I've seen get in good shape, they picked a class- be it barre or yoga or Body Pump with Tanya and they stuck with it till they learned all the moves.
  4. More water💦
    Every health expert out there says drink more water. I like the idea of having a certain amount (1 Liter?)and knowing how many water bottles it takes each day to meet my goal.
  5. Use a food diary app consistently
  6. Be mindful and present
    So much careless snacking happens by distracted eating. I want to learn to eat more European, less American. Down with the fast food lifestyle!