I was the youngest of 3 and the only girl, if that helps
  1. "Dorothy Kid" in the Wizard of Oz
    I was 4. The movie entranced me. It was all I talked about for months. I wanted to BE Dorothy.
  2. An actress
    Once my mom realized I actually thought I could be Dorothy, she explained the whole camera and acting thing to me.
  3. A reality tv star
    This was around 1983. Clearly I was ahead of my time.
  4. A tap dancer
    Because Shirley Temple
  5. By age 8, I decided I wanted to be a lawyer
    Someone suggested it, and I agreed.
  6. Then I changed to teacher. I thought, "I could stop at this grade and just do this for the rest of my life"
  7. I moved on to 4th grade and back to lawyer
  8. Then I won a speech competition in 6th grade and went back to actress
  9. I went to college to study speech and music
  10. During college I dreamed about going to Broadway
    And recently my 12 yr old daughter asked me why I never pursued that. (Her question was "Why didn't you do more with your singing career? Implied was a "because you definitely could have succeeded.") I didn't like my answer