We are all experts in our own right - you only gotta eat 10000 hours worth of pizza to be considered an expert -- but this is a pie I dream about constantly, from Comet Ping Pong in DC.
  1. Did you have a rough 2015?
    Eat this pizza. It helps. Also good for great years, sunny days, rainy days, snow days, and hungover brunches.
  2. Tomato pie
    Get outta here with your white pie nonsense. A GIRL NEEDS A SOLID BASE.
  3. Melted onions
    This part is key. Idk why they're so much better melted but man alive. "If I could only eat one topping for the rest of my life, it'd be this." - a thing I actually said. Sure, I'd been drinking, but I stand by it.
  4. Potato
    YEAH. They slice them into rounds like they're potato chips and you're gonna die from joy.
  5. Bacon
    I AM AN AMERICAN. Also the bacon + potato makes it smell so good, like breakfast and cures for anything that ails you.
  6. Parsley
    Now you're pizza is healthy!!!!