Requested by @breeannie
  1. C'mon C'mon | One Direction
    A song about probably being murdered by a member of 1D? SOLD
  2. All You Had To Do Was Stay | Taylor Swift
    Let me remind you: thiiiiiiiiis was what you wanted AND YOU ENDED IT
  3. Hey Jealousy | Gin Blossoms
    Only monsters hate singing along to this one
  4. Like a River Runs (2015 rework) | Bleachers
  5. Your Type | Carly Rae Jepsen
    Show me a person who hates this song and I will show you a liar.
  6. Avalanche | Walk the Moon
  7. Boyfriend/Girlfriend | Bieber vs NSYNC
  8. Ugly Heart | GRL
  9. Hair | Little Mix
    Cause he was just a 🔕 and I knew it!!
  10. Timber (Solo Version) | Ke$ha
    This is the version that took out the Pitbull verses and replaced them with "Woo-Hoo" aka the only version of Timber a person should listen to
  11. (Alternately, just play "Wait for It" from Hamilton on repeat until you are ready to go out)