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  1. Sam and Dean Winchester
    Let's face it they have skills!
  2. Daryl Dixon
    Already in a zombie apocalypse but hey I need my bow man.
  3. Indiana jones
    May be an archeologist but can be great in tough situations.
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  1. I don't think I want a kookie.
  1. Eomer- he's kind of a beast. He not only shows great respect for his sister but also his king/uncle.
  2. Haldir(Lorien)- he is an amazing elf commander! RIP
  3. Gothmog-aka terrifying Ork commander. Let's be honest he scared us all! I would say RIP but I hate you.
  4. Shadowfax- lord of all the horses. He ain't afraid of nothing!
  1. 1.
    For starters there are 6 seasons. So I can try and do a deeper analysis of some meanings behind things which will just get me frustrated.
  2. 2.
    Well it is at like season 11! Which means I have hot guys to watch and just have show that will keep me entertained!
  3. 3.
    Parks and rec
    For the comedy side I could watch this all the time!
  1. Ramen- well may be bad for you but cheap.
  2. Have some cereal everyday!
  3. Nachos! Cheese and chips for days
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Curse of the black pearl
  1. Will turner aka Legolas you do your thing.
  2. Once again Johnny Depp kills it. Jack sparrow is probably one of the best characters ever created.
  3. I'll just say Elizabeth not only takes on a different identity but faces of with a ship full of pirates!
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  1. Independence Day! Can't get enough of alien domination. "Today is our Independence Day!"
  2. Jurassic Park! I just happen to get caught up in raptors killing people.
  3. Toy story. Dang it ABC. I can't change the channel on Pixar,
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  1. The Italian job- amazing classic always love to watch it. Mark Wallburg looking young! "I trust everyone just not the devil in them"
  2. Snow White and the huntsmen- great concept and love the effects! Oh Kristen Stewart but hey she didn't do a horrible job. Chris Hemsworth!
  1. Possibly the best three films ever!
  2. The symbolism throughout is amazing!
  3. One does not simply........
  4. Legolas is a beast with that bow and arrow
  1. Buddies
  2. A samurai sword
  3. A gun
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