7 Things That Law Students Understand

You don't know cuz you weren't there!
  1. Those who are not in tears over the rule against perpetuities must allow those who are to cut in the coffee line.
  2. There's a designated asshole (male or female) in every class. You text them if someone is talking in the library, and they'll come by and shut it down.
  3. During Dead Week, the gentlest, quietest student may snarl and go for your throat if you talk in the library, no need for a shushing from the designated asshole.
  4. There will be one professor who will appeal greatly to people who like women, and one who will appeal greatly to people who like men, and those in the non-smitten group always take advantage of the distracted group and bump them down on the curve.
  5. One professor every term will be impossible to learn from, but we do not give up! We get an excellent outline and study from that.
  6. No one talks about it, but 2L year is weirdly uncomfortable- sometimes described as "far from either shore."
  7. All those pics we send you with endless shelves of law books? We never use those damn things- it's all on Westlaw.