Reasons That Asa Akira Is a Feminist Icon

I assure you, I am qualified to write this.
  1. This Insta post, which is simultaneously very funny, extremely subversive, and unapologetically feminist.
  2. Not only is her asshole AWARD-WINNING, she also has no time for body shame and isn't afraid to let you know.
  3. She has strong relationships with women. Her friendship with Dana DeArmond is way more #squadgoals than Taylor & whoever, and she supports her colleagues.
  4. She is not scared to normalize stuff that less-enlightened women hide because boys might not like it. For this see her posts on periods, collagen, and female sexuality.
  5. She is honest about what her daily life entails and any body-modification she has done because fuck shamers, we're all on this spaceship earth together.
  6. She's hilarious.
  7. She loves, cares for, and honors her body. She also has a damn good time with it.
  8. She is acutely aware of her uniquely intersectional position as an Asian-American woman feminist adult entertainer, and she doesn't back down from any of those intersecting identities.
  9. She normalizes female sexuality. THANK THE GOOD LORD GOD FINALLY SOMEONE IS DOING THIS.
  10. Did I mention she's funny?