As referenced in my previous list. Also please note: I 100% stole this from Bill Bryson.
  1. 1. Go to the museum.
  2. 2. Pretend that you are a person whom the whole city admires and wishes to please.
  3. 3. Pretend that in its adulation, the city has implored you to take home with you one item from each gallery in the museum.
  4. 4. Select one item your current gallery.
  5. 5. Share with your group and compare notes.
    Added complication: If two people picked the same thing, each makes an argument as to why they should get it, and the group adjudicates.
  6. 6. Go on to the next gallery and repeat.
  7. 7. Before exiting the museum, be very careful to ensure that you have not actually taken anything with you.