I hate a lot of things. Here's what they are.
  1. When people consolidate their trash inside water bottles or other clear plastic containers
    Ew, gross
  2. People who ruin the end of books
    Specifically books because it takes so long for me to read one
  3. People who think space exploration is a better investment than humanitarian investments
  4. Old white men
  5. When people do better than me and I didn't think they should have
    I'm a jealous, competitive bitch
  6. Raisins
    What the fuck are they doing in trail mix?
  7. Existential bullshit
    Especially when people use the word existential incorrectly
  8. Being called pretentious
  9. Chacos
    Tevas only.
  10. When people won't say the word vagina
    Also pronounced va-hina, aka Nature's Pocket
  11. Inefficiency
  12. When people think Princess Diana jokes are "too soon"
    It's been 18 years
  13. When movie or TV characters say "this is just like a movie/TV show"
    You're not fooling anyone