A wee bit about me
  1. I like food more than 60% of the members of my family
    One time I ate a King Cone in the shower while showering
  2. I was in an all girls rock band for all of middle and high school
    See list below
  3. I started a revolution in my high school to overthrow the authority-bound student government
  4. I can't spell. Auto-correct has given up on me.
    Apparently I spelled autocorrect wrong
  5. I will be the president. Supreme Court Justice and Secretary of State will also be on the resume
  6. I'm from Boston
    Not Brookline, not Marlborough, not Worcester, not Quincy. Fucking Boston prop-ah. Jamaica Plain specifically.
  7. Winter is better than all the other lame-ass seasons.
  8. I'm half Canadian
  9. I get mistaken for a 12-year-old often
    Most recently in a po-boy shop in New Orleans. The guy thought my friend was my mom. Pictured: me and "my mom"
  10. One time I got 233 up-votes on Yik Yak
    Yes, I upped my own Yak
  11. I have two brothers
    We're all somewhat cool